I still don’t know if this is the greatest word for it, but I’m a transformer.  No, not the one you’re thinking of, but to move from one form of something to another, to make that transition, is to transform, right?  It’s more than just a transition, and it’s beyond simple change.  When we transform, we are still “us”, but we do take on a different form—in whatever capacity is needed.

My transformations have not happened suddenly, and there have been several throughout my life.  But lately as I share bits of my story, my own transformations have become more obvious, especially to me.  The most important thing I’ve realized, though, is that people can benefit from hearing how others have been able to make changes in their lives.  Sometimes we hear drastic stories, often from well-known figures, and we are moved or in awe of the experiences or changes they have gone through.  But I guess slowly evolving changes—-happening to everyday people—are also inspiring, just in a different way.

When I realized that, I decided to begin to share a few things that may be helpful.  I’m definitely not a “share it all” person, so I don’t plan to be an open book.  But I do plan to get real about how I did a few key things.

-How did I go from growing up poor, being the one to financially support my parents to having a good income and stronger finances.

–How did I go from being obese according to weight charts, to maintaining a healthy body?

I’ll start with those 2.  Feel free to reach out on social media, or here, and share your stories and questions around this topic.  It’s a relevant one for all of us!