It’s been a year since we moved to the good ‘ol USA.  There have been hard times and adjustments but I am extremely grateful for all the learning that has occurred.  In our family scripture study this morning, we discussed how we grow from our trials, and sometimes we are even….grateful…for the pain we’ve gone through.  With a choice to focus on the positive, I’ll share a few things that stand out in the “win” column this year, our first year in the USA.

I survived moving the kids and I to a new country and new….everything.

I took care of my kids, myself, the house, the schedule, the meals, the maintenance, the games, activities, homework, the everything while dealing with the stress, the uncertainty, and the yucky mean things that have happened.

I’ve focused on the GOOD, which has honestly been the majority of things.  Our good neighbors, friends, school, church community, a good home, a car that runs, a husband who is sacrificing and working incredibly hard for us on the other side of the world.

I’ve jumped into training, testing, and working in a completely new profession, being completely vulnerable, starting over, starting at the bottom, and hanging in when I was making absolutely no money.  Still am not making much, but I’m learning.

I’ve set a good example for my kids of doing hard things, surviving hard things, and never giving up.

I’ve learned, I’ve planted vegetables and flowers, and taken care of my eclectic little garden.

I’ve made the most of this new adventure.

I’ve been there for my kids.

I’ve made lots and lots of mistakes.  I’ve apologized for them.  I’ve learned from them.

I’ve exercised.  I’ve managed to maintain my weight.

I’ve learned tons and encouraged my family to learn more about health and fitness.

I’ve published my first book!

I’m learning about business on many, many levels.

I’ve made friends who will be lifelong friends.

I’ve watched and cheered as my kids have embraced life here and not just on the fringes—-they have experienced so much goodness.

I’m just 100% GRATEFUL for so many things—this life where we learn and grown and cry and laugh and feel all kinds of emotions, some of them dark and crazy, some light and peaceful, all of them ours.  All of them are part of the human experience.

First year in the USA.  It’s been good.