15 09, 2019

It’s Been a Year….

2019-09-15T23:17:54+00:00September 15th, 2019|China, Faith, Family, How Sweet the Bitter Soup, Life Lessons, moving to the US, Self-Improvement, Success Principles, transformations, Utah, Writing Life|

It's been a year since we moved to the good 'ol USA.  There have been hard times and adjustments but I am extremely grateful for all the learning that has occurred.  In our family scripture study this morning, we discussed how we grow from our trials, and sometimes we are even....grateful...for the pain we've gone through.  With a choice to [...]

21 08, 2019

Sweet and Bitter Childhood Home

2019-08-29T17:13:11+00:00August 21st, 2019|China, Expatriate, Faith, Uncategorized, Writing|

I suppose it's not a spoiler to say that the book leaves off where the rest of our lives begin.  Yes, we go to America.  At one point, we decide to go back to China.  More on that much, much later. But you have to know WHY we went back and this picture is part of it. This is William's [...]

9 08, 2019

Planning the Wedding—an excerpt

2019-08-29T17:13:46+00:00August 9th, 2019|China, Expatriate, Writing|

An excerpt from How Sweet the Bitter Soup by Lori Qian William’s family knew we were broke and that this was the main reason we were putting off the wedding. One day after lunch at Shi Mo’s house, his parents, aunts, and uncles gathered around us and asked if we would consider getting married during Spring Festival if they would [...]

11 03, 2019

Eight Months in the USA Already

2019-06-15T15:28:38+00:00March 11th, 2019|China, Church, Family, Life Lessons, moving to the US, Utah|

Hard to believe it's been 8 months already.  From a city of 15 million, to a city of 15 thousand---we have made this our home.  Alpine is a wonderful place and we are enjoying the new life here with all that Utah has to offer. My sweet kids have impressed me so much with their open-mindedness and willingness to try [...]

18 08, 2018

Hey, Let’s Just Move to America!

2018-08-18T20:32:14+00:00August 18th, 2018|China|

Well, okay, we didn't decide to make this international move quite that spontaneously, but someone told me recently that I had made it look so easy ---as if I just decided one day, and then did it!  I appreciated the compliment, but that's not quite the case.  It had been on our minds for awhile, but this was the time [...]

21 03, 2017

Instilling Leadership Skills in Kids

2018-01-10T03:05:18+00:00March 21st, 2017|China, Education, Third Grade Teacher, Wise Parents|

As an educator and parent, I have learned that there are several ways to cultivate true leaders as we influence children.  Let me share 3 practical principles to consider as we shape the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to recognize that there are many kinds of leaders.  There are extroverted, charismatic leaders, whom we might first imagine when thinking [...]

16 03, 2017

Student-Led Conferences

2017-03-16T04:13:12+00:00March 16th, 2017|China, Education, International Education, Student-Led Conferences, Third Grade Teacher|

As a teacher, one of my favorite days of the year is Student-Led Conference Day.  I have the opportunity to watch my students interact with their parents, guiding them through the important third grade work they've done so far this year. They share their ups, their downs, their favorite pieces of work, and the things that were difficult for them.  [...]